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Is there anything better than drinking a nice hot steaming cup of coffee??….

Why YES!! and it might just be this super easy 3 Ingredient Coffee Scrub.

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 I came up with the idea to make this scrub last year around Christmas for a few of my fellow coffee loving mamas. And it was a hit !!!

What type of coffee enthusiast wouldn’t absolutely LOVE rubbing coffee all over themselves. I can’t get enough of it. This super moisturizing scrub left my hands and feet and face feeling incredible!

With only 3 ingredients ( which you likely have in your pantry already ) it’s a quick and easy DIY. It should take about 5 min to make, and that’s including clean up. ( it’s definitely a DIY the kids can help out with too, but be warned this might add on about 60 more minuites to the prep time! or should I say clean up time haha )

So go get your ingredients mama, the coffee lovers in your life with thank you!



3 Ingredient Coffee Scrub

1 cup Used Coffee Grinds ( Dry )

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup of Brown Sugar or Raw Turbinado Sugar

** Optional – if you don’t necessarily want to smell like a coffee bean feel free to add in your favourite essential oil(s). Peppermint or Wild Orange are two of my favourites!! Use 5-10 drops of oil depending on your preference.

Mix well, pack into cute little jars and then head into the shower to rub copious amounts of it on your body during your weekly ” 5 min mom shower. “

Your body, mind and soul will jump for joy!!!

Coffee Grind Benefits

Rubbing coffee grinds on your skin acts as a natural exfloliator and will remove unwanted dead skin cells. It is said that coffee brightens and tightens the skin. ( perfect for us tired and stretched out mamas! )


Coconut Oil Benefits

Quite possibly the most amazing and versitile product out there. It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal. And will give your overworked and dry skin a much needed moisture boost.


Brown Sugar / Raw Sugar Benefits

Brown Sugar particles are small / fine. Raw Turbinado Sugar particles are large / coarse. They act as an exfoliator as well. Using Brown Sugar in scrubs is GREAT for sensitive skin / face scrubs. Use the Raw Turbinado sugar for the rest of your body.



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