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It’s harder than I thought, I mean not just this blogging gig ( although they say if you can last the first 3 months you’re good to go ) but having anyΒ hobbies as a mother or caregiver.

I’m into my 4th month of blogging and it’s kind of stalled. Actually, it has completely stalled. I wasn’t even checking my page views anymore. I took a huge step back. Mainly because I have 101 other things on the go that I’ve started and never ever finished.

( I am proud to say that I finished 2 short online courses in my blogging downtime, not blog related however. )

Once I became a mama my hobbies and for the most part, the working part of my goals and dreams went bye bye bye!! ( *NSYNC whhaaatt… did I just date myself? )

We have a really big problem! ( help me Peg+Cat ) well maybe it’s not so much of a problem but lately, it feels like it.

I hyper focus.

Always have, and I always will.

Just ask my friends and family and they’ll attest. If I don’t have a new hobby or business idea/planΒ or something else I want to go to school for, or a new career path monthly, somethings wrong.

Well, motherhood has squashed this tiny piece of me that likes to dabble in everything.

I just plain and simple DON’T have time for everything.

I like to think I do, but then Coffee Infused Dad just sits there shaking his head at me because our basement is full of unfinished hobbies/business ventures that I have started then stalled on.

What any mother wouldn’t give to be able to sit and read her book, or work out uninterrupted or garden.. gahh to weed that damn garden. ( if you follow my Instagram you’ll know what I’m talking about ) To start a side hustle, or any other activity that doesn’t revolve around children.

We’ve replaced our own personal hobbies with park dates dancing around nap schedules only to have our babes nap 20 min on the drive home and there goes the only 1-2 hours of quiet / free time you have in a day.

How do you juggle it all mama? Being a mom and having a hobby / side gig / hustle.

Do you have it figured out, some formula that you’ve perfected? PLEASE SHARE IF YOU DO!

Here’s the mindset that gets me through on the days I struggle to find balance..

We’re mamas first and foremost and we have to remember the reasons we chose to be a SAHM.

It’s all about them. It always will be.

You are doing such an amazing thing by being home with them. Not every mama gets the chance to do this.

We no longer get alone time or any significant amount of it.

These are SHORT years and I repeat very short years. They will only siphon all of our free time for so long.

Having said that….

You really do have two options.

Let the hobby / goal / dream sit there and collect dust or chisel out some time for you.

This falls into the self-careΒ category I’ve mentioned before.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

There are days when you’ll start something and you’ll put it down and never get it back up again and that’s ok mama. You’re doing the best you can do.

Then there will be days you just kill it. Maybe the kids are rocking out on their own, or they’re napping longer than usual. Take advantage of it.

Take your time back wherever you can find it.Β 

If you’re a lucky mama whose kids entertain themselves while you work through the day, I’m so jelly. And if you’re a WAHM.. I bow down to you, please please please share your secrets on how you manage it all. And If you’re a SAHM that’s got a side hustle, happy kids, home and hubby, hats off to you!

It’s so hard to find balance between it all.






*** Stay tuned for some exciting things happening around Coffee Infused Mama. I’ve been working on another side hustle ( for about 2 years now ) and I’m almost ready to push forward with it. Hint –> handcrafted goods for mama and baby ***





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