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It all started on Pinterest while I was pregnant with Toddler G. I knew the type of wannabe hippie person I was. And I sort of had an idea of the type of mother I wanted to be. I knew I would cloth diaper, make my own baby food and use all natural products. The word “Crunchy” stretched across almost every Pinterest image I saw.

( I still fall under the wannabe crunchy category. I use both cloth and disposables, I haven’t made baby food since Toddler G was a baby but I do however still try to use the safest, natural products I can find on my kids. )

I would use this product, and I wouldn’t use that one. I made note after note of what products to definitely NOT use. ( I won’t bash any brands on here, just do a little research and you’ll see which products are absolute garbage – think – the only one our parents would have likely used on us. )

Back to being crunchy – the most common theme I saw in every post was the use of essential oils.

I was intrigued!! An all natural solution!! 

I studied 2 very large MLM companies wondering which one to take the leap of faith into.

When Toddler G was about 4 months old a friend and her mom signed up for Doterra and I was right there beside them. I bought a very expensive starter kit. I was hell bent on using these oils on my baby and myself. I also jumped head first into the idea of selling these oils. I purchased class kits, numerous samples, tear pads. I spent hundreds of dollars on something I really knew absolutely nothing about ( aside from my Pinterest research ) and I trusted what my upline told me….

Until I was told to put Clove oil directly onto my (teething) 4 month old baby’s gums.

I have a background in healthcare. I am a PSW ( Personal Support Worker ) and I don’t know everything but something made me throw up a red flag.

So I went home and tried to remember where I had seen the information about essential oil safety and babies. Finally! There it was. ” Never use Clover oil undiluted and not to be used on children under 2 ”

Hold up? Did someone else in the healthcare field, in my upline really just tell me to put Clove oil undiluted inside my 4 month olds mouth?

I knew right then and there that I needed to do a little more digging. I didn’t feel comfortable with my new oily adventure for 2 reasons:

1. I had never really used oils on myself or my child. So how could I sell them to other people without trying them?

2. There was a lot of controversy around how to use oils and being a healthcare provider I couldn’t in good faith suggest these methods of use.

So instead of jumping into selling, I decided to make some products for myself and Toddler G ( who was Baby G at that point ) and my family members. I got more familiar with the oils and what was safe and not safe for babies, breastfeeding, and pregnant women.

The more I researched the more I found my views didn’t click so much with what my MLM company was throwing down.


But I held on to the products and if someone wanted something or was interested, I shared my knowledge to the best of my ability. ( And I was sure to voice where I didn’t agree )

During this information overload of essential oils. I was also looking for more natural and frugal ways to raise my kids. ( fewer chemicals and not spending an arm and leg on etsy products )

Silicone teethers were just starting to get huge but were really only on the etsy market and man were they expensive!!!!

The wheels in my busy mind got turning.

I looked up where to buy supplies for silicone teethers and again I dove head first, thinking I could offer teethers locally and at a more discounted price. I could sell them hand in hand with my oils. I then added tummy time pillows, toy leashes, paci clips etc. to my list of things I could make.

I got talking to another local shop owner and she mentioned to me about being compliant. Um, what? haha you need what to be a small handcrafted business owner?? ( bless her heart )

Business licenses, registration numbers, proper labels, and tags… ( on top of the fact I still have no idea what to believe about essential oils ) oh shit! my plans hit another big road block.

Yah, ain’t nobody got time for that!! ( especially a very pregnant mama with a 1.5 year old to chase after )

Everything I had purchased and planned for got pushed to the backburner. I can’t be mad though, I was trying to do all of this while being a very pregnant SAHM to a velcro baby.

To all you WAHMs, I give you mega huge props. I tried to make it work and I failed. Multiple times. I tried to get back into the swing of things and to get this business rolling many times over the last 2 years.

Coffeeinfuseddad is still out west, rolling his eyes as I yet again try to get this dream of mine the ground.

Well, this brings us to today. I have decided in order for me to push forward with this business dream. I need 2 things; 1. to get off my ass and make better use of my free time and 2. a little more education. Essential oils fascinate me ( it’s been an addiction these past few years ) but I still don’t feel 110% comfortable telling you what to use or to put on yourself or your child. I’ve done my due diligence with the sewing side of the business. I’ve got my licenses and registration numbers, tags and labels.

Now it’s time to get some real solid oil education under my belt so I can better serve you guys. So I can bring my ideas of affordable, “crunchy ” living to you. Chemical free and locally made. 

While I continue my essential oil studies, I plan to bring you Handcrafted and Upcycled goods for the whole family, which you will be able to purchase right here on Coffeeinfusedmama!! Check back often as I will be adding products as my busy,  creative mind thinks them up! 

Some of the products currently being stocked are: 

– Tummy Time Pillows, Toy Leashes, Pacifier Clips and Breastfeeding Necklaces

– Essential Oil Pouches, Diffuser Keychains, Diffuser Jewellery and Upcycled Tshirt Market Bags

– Essential Oil products such as salves, balms, deodorant, linen & room spray, scrubs and much more!! 

My ideas for The Dornoch Patch has snowballed since it first started, I’ve mixed two very passionate things to me into one. Helping others and crafting. I look forward to being able to offer you quality handcrafted goods using local suppliers wherever possible.

Thank you to Coffeeinfuseddad for yet again supporting me in this wild ( dragged out ) adventure and to my friends and family for pushing me along the way. I couldn’t do any of this without your continued love and support. 

Do you use or sell oils? I’d love to hear your story on how / why you got started with it all.  Email me at



Coffeeinfusedmama and the woman behind The Dornoch Patch



  1. Keep up the great work Krista! I love the products I’ve gotten the opportunity to use, and look forward to seeing everything else you have to offer! Xo

  2. How did I miss this post?? You’re so talented and passionate about everything you set your mind too. I love watching you do what you love. 🙂

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