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Welcome to Coffee Infused Mama, I’m Krista, stay at home mama to 2 boys; Toddler G ( 2.5 ) and Baby A ( 15 months ) and currently pregnant with our third! I’m a crafter, animal and nature lover, gardener, tattoo addict, and book worm. I am currently studying aromatherapy and by the end of the summer should be a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. I love all things holistic living and I look forward to sharing my passions and knowledge with you.

From here on in I’ll be your down to earth, straight to the point, coffee guzzling, no judgement, most likely PJ wearing BFF!! Being a stay at home mom is tough work! We spend our days working long hours covered in everything from boogers and sparkles, to dried sour milk and everything in between, sometimes with little to no recognition… but who am I kidding we all LOVE it… most days anyways!!

Despite the choices we’ve made to stay at home with our kids, sometimes it’s just a little too much for one mama to handle! They say it takes a village to raise a child and that couldn’t be any more true when our little red cheeked monsters are teething for weeks ( or months! ) on end and the tantrums have us second guessing taking a roll in the hay ever again!!!! We need other mamas to decompress with, to vent to, or to ask those silly or gross questions to.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey as I try to keep my sanity raising our kids out in the middle of nowhere, try my hand at homesteading and finish my Aroma course. You’ll find tips and tricks on Parenting, Self Care, ( which is essential for a happy mama! ) Holistic Living, and a DIY section ( with everything from crafts to recipes )

A candid mommy survival guide for badass moms just like you!!

Want to know a little more about Me ?? check out my post titled ” 6 things you DIDN’T know about me ” 

Have questions or just wanna chat?? Contact me anytime. I have a hot virtual coffee right here waiting for you!!  – 

Xox Krista